Following to our constitution and development of a work plan outlining goals and objectives, our dream started to become real with our first meeting with Mr. Jose Hernandez of G E International in September 2008, we were communicated of the great opportunity that we had to be selected by General Electric to remodel the entire electrical system of Hospital San Lorenzo, and also we could receive a major donation of high tech medical equipment.

Seeing ourselves with this unique opportunity in our hand which we could not let pass up, we immediately contacted the Director of the Hospital and began working as a team to cover all requirements that were requested, thereby achieving our objectives. With the grace and favor of God we fulfilled all the requirements demanded by the donors, a task a little cumbersome but well worth working for. Once we were selected, change became a reality in our hospital.

Important to mention that in May 2009 when executives from GE came to launch their projects, they were pleased with the work of the Foundation teaming up with the Hospital authorities, especially with the finished infrastructure improvements that they did not include in their project, and noting that the Hospital had the best results in comparison to all the others in which they have previously worked in Honduras and giving recognition to the important role played by the Foundation for the completion of the project, affirming that this Foundation should be a lever to push in all of Honduras public hospitals.

In June 2009, thanks to the unconditional collaboration of the media locally and nationally, we had our third fund raising marathon which was a success, exceeding our expectations completely, and the funds raised in this activity have allowed us to continue with the execution of our work plan and projects.

In mere eight months our hospital has a completely new look, all of the areas where patients are attended have been successfully remodeled.