Letter President

It gives me great satisfaction to welcome you to our website and also invite you to know the results of our project management and implementation of physical infrastructure and equipment. Projects that have come give answer  to needs and issues that directly affect the health of the population in the departments of Valle, El Paraiso and Choluteca. Today we have a hospital with more responsive and decent conditions for patient care.

The work has been hard, but satisfying for the great contributions and accompaniments that we have had from important stakeholders, to whom I take the opportunity to thank infinitely on behalf of the Foundation, such as: the Community of San Lorenzo and its authorities, local, national and international private enterprise, media, local and national organizations and institutions, public and private sector, Congress and Presidency of the Republic, who decisively and permanently have given us their support and cooperation to achieve our goals and prompted us to pose new challenges for the benefit of the health of the population of the Department of Valle.

We want to take this opportunity to give a cordial invitation to visit the San Lorenzo hospital facilities and check the results obtained to date, it will be a honor for the Foundation to welcome you.

Again we reiterate our thanks and wish the Divine Creator illuminate you with much wisdom and continue your support, helping the neediest of our country, in the successful and positive way you have been doing.