Hospital San Lorenzo continues its transformation for the welfare and health of the population of Valle.

Support Foundation and Surveillance Pro-improvement of San Lorenzo Hospital, continues its efforts to improve the quality of services provided by this hospital to the population of Valle and municipalities of Choluteca and Francisco Morazán.

The improvements are aimed at clinical processes and management of patients, but at the same time the Foundation has developed more than 50 infrastructure projects that have improved the conditions of patients during their hospital stay.

This time Fundación del Hospital San Lorenzo and Banco Atlantida, favor once again those patients in this hospital with the remodeling and refurbishment of rooms Hospital, which houses the rooms of Medicine, Gynecologic Surgery, Septic, Isolation and Orthopedics.

Importantly, the support of Banco Atlantida, with an investment of more than 1 million Lempiras, since 2009 has been providing this hospital with significant donations, which have enabled the administration to improve conditions of detention when they are admitted to regain their health.

In 2014 in the rooms of Hospitalization, 60 beds have attended and registered 6,160 expenses for the following reasons: Surgery: cholelithiasis, inguinal hernia; Medicine: hypertension and diabetes mellitus; Gynecology: urinary tract infections, abortions; Obstetrics and cesarean births and surgical trauma and injuries.

In appreciation to the Bueso family, who has been a mainstay in the processes of internal transformation of hospital, hospital rooms of Hospital San Lorenzo, are named after the distinguished Honduran "Guillermo Bueso".

Telethon "Leave your footprint" Hospital San Lorenzo

Thanks to everyone who left their mark and made possible that we overcome the goal of 5 million on the big Telethon to benefit Hospital San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo, - Total Success!!, with 6.5 million of Lps we surpassed the goal. Thanks to everyone who made this great achievement and left their footprint in this great Transformation Project  of Hospital San Lorenzo, your hospital in Valle.

New Board of Directors FHSL - March 10, 2013

Tegucigalpa -
On March 8, the new Board of the San Lorenzo Hospital Foundation was elected, to continue with the goal of achieving the scope of the vision of making the San Lorenzo Hospital a Management Model hospital that provides public health services with efficiency and quality.

The new board is chaired by Ms. Pamela Molina, who has been fundamental in transforming the San Lorenzo Hospital leading the implementation of more than 26 projects of infrastructure and processes. Ms. Elda Lyddiett Velasquez, who has been responsible for the treasury will now be the Vice-President.

Members have an extensive professional trajectory

Among the members are the former Minister of Health, Dr. Antonio Enrique Aguilar Cerrato, who is knowledgeable of the Health System, Mr. Luis Zelaya, President of Unitec, an institution that provides the society with health professionals, Dr. Doris Emilia Elvir Mejia and Dr. Oscar Ronaldo Sierra Mejia who have great experience in  management of public health system hospitals; Ms. Eda Lastenia Rodriguez, who also has extensive experience managing hospitals and private clinics management, Dr. Ernesto Dalas and Dr. Maria Antonieta Castro who have been hospital administrators, Dr. Mirna Dolores offers her knowledge and expertise in the management of Emergency Services, and Ms. Frida Estela Chacon expert in pharmaceuticals management.

Also part of the Board is Architect Fernando Castillo who specializes in design and hospítal architecture; Attorney Jair Eduardo Lopez, counselor   in legal and criminal area; Attorney Maria Eugenia Matute, Legal Adviser in the workplace, Mr. Eulalio Antonio Moncada, Human Resources Manager, and Adam Umanzor Community and Municipal Management Specialist.

The San Lorenzo Hospital Foundation has worked on three major projects: Improve and modernize hospital facilities, equipping the remodeled areas to streamline care and to support improvement of management and operational processes of the hospital.

"Since we started with this great project, we have always opted for a model of efficiency, quality and professionalism, which has been maintained and lingers with clear and obvious results" highlighted Ms. Pamela Molina.

New Challenge

Members of the Board expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction for being part of this project and were willing to work hard with the community, private enterprise and government to achieve a dignified and quality care for patients who receive health services at San Lorenzo hospital.

South Zone communities benefit from the new Eye Clinic - November 15, 2012

San Lorenzo, Valle - On Thursday November 15 The Eye Clinic San Lorenzo opened enthusiastically through the efforts of the Foundation of the Hospital of San Lorenzo, an organization supported by Grupo Agrolibano through co-responsibility in the health sector, and ZOE Comprehensive Health Center, which aims to provide eye health care to people, families and the community at large of the South.

Inspired by the need to provide coverage for the poor population, ZOE through its Executive Director, Celeste Aguilar Sorto and Foundation Director of the San Lorenzo Hospital, Pamela Molina seek to facilitate vision well-being to persons that visit the Clinic San Lorenzo as well as those who are at social risk in the communities of the south, both institutions are committed to providing quality care to all patients, giving timely follow up to each case.

Also a work plan has been developed that contemplates the eye clinic eye as well as brigades that will take place at strategic locations in order to allow access and participation of poor women and others who are at social risk.

With an investment of 191,000 Lempiras it was made possible the remodeling of the Clinic and thanks to the funds raised at the recent 5th. Teleradiomarathon.

The Eye equipment is a Refraction Equipment valued at over $30,000 and is used for vision screening, which will give ocular diagnosis to patients and was donated by the Optic 2000 of the English Court and the Glaucoma Galician Association, thanks to the Honduras ambassador in Spain, Norman Garcia Paz who contacted Pamela Molina to discuss the needs of the hospital to expand and improve the eye clinic for the benefit of patients in the area.

The clinic is located on the main street of Barrio La Ceibita adjoining the Adventist Church and will be available for consultations from next Wednesday 21 November 2012.

Equipment donated by "2000 Optics of the English Court and the Galician Association of Glaucoma


Time when Celeste Aguilar Sorto, Executive Director of the Center for Integral Health ZOE, and Pamela Molina, Executive Director of the San Lorenzo Hospital Foundation sign an agreement for the purpose of providing visual health care to individuals, families and the community in General of the South.


Members of the San Lorenzo Hospital Foundation and ZOE.